Our Dressing Code


  • White/Yellow Shirt on grey Short Monday- Thursday
  • White/Yellow Blouse on Pinafore Monday –Thursday
  • White/Yellow Blouse on Pinafore Monday –Thursday
  • Sportswear on Friday
  • Clairemont Ceremonial Shirt on Black Jean is for birthdays, special occasions and executions
  • Black Shoe/ Branded White Stockings ( No other color is allowed )

Dress and Appearance of Clairemont Pupils: Clairemont Pupils should always be sent to school in their proper school uniforms. Clothes should always look clean and well kept (replacing buttons, fixing hems, etc.). Boys are asked to keep shirts buttoned and tucked inside shorts. All pupils should wear undershirts/singlet. If a pupil is not dressed appropriately in uniform, parents will be called to pick him/her up or bring in the correct attire. We believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness,so we will not allow any of our children to appear unkempt and uncared for:


  • Dirty stockings will be confiscated and not returned.
  • Uniforms should be replaced as often as required
  • Hair styles- Boy’s hair length should be short and neat. Fad hairstyles are not permitted.
  • Boys and girls are encouraged to keep their hair clean, well kept, and girl’s hairstyles should be age appropriate. {Hair extensions and beads should be used minimally}A child with inappropriate hair will be turned back at the gate.
  • Jewelry/Decorative Items- We prefer that jewelries be kept at home. Girls may wear one single small stud earring in each ear only. Boys and girls may wear simple wrist watches.
  • All items of clothing / personal properties must be marked with the Pupil’s full name. If any item should be lost, please check the lost and found.
  • Clairemont School cannot take responsibility for items that are lost.

Policy on uniform

The White Shirt/Blouse is to be worn on Mondays and Tuesdays while the yellow Shirt/Blouse is to be worn on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please neither of the colours should be used in place of another. A child who wears any on the day not stipulated will be turned back at the gate.

ONLY the Clairemont ceremonial shirt may be used in cases of unavailability of the correct uniforms for one reason or the other and it Must not exceed two times in a term.

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