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Sound Nursery and Primary Education is pivotal to your child’s development and serves as the foundation for his/her future. Your child deserves the best, so it is essential for you to take the time to search out the best school for his/her education. At Clairemont School, we have years of experience in providing holistic and age appropriate education to children in Nigeria and Internationally. During this period, we have raised exceptional children who have gone on to blaze the trail in their respective secondary schools, and the world at large.

Clairemont School is located in a pupil friendly environment and highly conducive for learning. It is one of the finest investments in a child’s future. The school offers comprehensive education or what is better known as VAT [Value Added Teaching] Clairemont School continues to make its mark and raise the bar while adopting international best practices.

At Clairemont, we understand the psychology of children and we continue to develop more effective methods of learning and play for the benefit of each child.

Over the years, seeing our children succeed and journey to greatness has been a mutually rewarding experience for both the parents and the school.

Here are some of the benefits your child(ren) will enjoy at Clairemont.

  • Small class sizes that ensures each child is heard and seen.
  • Sound education in the best aesthetic and educational environment.
  • A curriculum and teaching methods based on acceptable international standards, enabling them to compete globally and transition smoothly into the next phase of their education.
  • Training to become independent, confident and responsible members of the community through class projects, team work, outdoor learning, competitions etc..
  • A focus on their unique personality, learning styles and needs because every child matters to us.
  • Wholesome education with a focus on the integral and all-round development of your child(ren).
  • Leadership training based on a pupil-led classroom and lessons tailored to enhance their leadership skills.
  • Skilled and passionate teachers who are trained and retrained regularly.
  • The opportunity to learn a foreign language.
  • The opportunity to learn musical instruments or sports of their choice.
  • Safety and Success Skills
  • Children with integrity and sound moral values.
  • Clairemont Children are poised, Graceful and prayerful.
  • We love, Educate and Nurture.
  • If you are a Catholic, Clairemont School offers an excellent catechism /ethics and moral classes where your child will be taught the catechism of the Catholic Church/ Act of Gracious Living in preparation for the reception of 1st Holy Communion/Confirmation.

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