About Our School

To establish Clairemont as a school in innovative and challenging programmed, a fore runner in character building and a beacon for the mindset of excellence, firmly built upon the foundation of Christian values..

Educating Minds-Building Character-Shaping the Future .



Clairemont Pupils have five focal points geared towards helping them realize their expected goals. These are:





Clairemont School is a top of the range Montessori nursery and primary school. It is a unique, dynamic focused and ideal institution which is positioned to stand out locally and internationally through her excellence, growth and training of well-groomed refined visionaries and pace-setters that will have positive impact in the society.

Our curriculum is fashioned around the Nigerian National curriculum but has adopted the key essence of British literacy and numeracy programme resulting in a curriculum that is result oriented and would allow our children to pass the various exams both locally and internationally.

The Clairemont team works with parents to ensure the development of the total child. Our children are confident, well spoken, and well mannered. Aside the core academics, we also focus on our pupils’ creative development; music, art, dance and drama are very much a part of the school’s programme.

The E-Lab programme is also one of the uniqueness of Clairemont School. Computer illiteracy is now regarded as the new illiteracy; therefore, the E-Lab programme is designed to equip our pupils with highly proficient ICT skills that will enable them to be viable in today’s world of information and technology. The robust and practical nature of the programme clearly sets our pupils ahead of their peers. This is essential to us because we believe that ‘Leaders stay ahead from the start’

With our team of smart dedicated and experienced teachers, Clairemont School is truly an amazing privilege for the child you love. Please Step in Today. We look forward to welcoming you.


Clairemont School is located in a pupil friendly environment and highly conducive for learning. It is one of the finest investments in a child’s future. The school offers comprehensive education or what is better known as VAT[Value Added Teaching]


Our high expectations of achievement and behavior of openness, honesty, trust and mutual respect, lead to a well-ordered and purposeful environment that isthe prerequisite for effective learning. We encourage our pupils to work hard and to be enthusiastic in all they do. We want them to attain the highest standards of which they are capable so that they can face the challenging world ahead with confidence and assurance. We value right attitudes and strength of character and by encouraging these in our pupils we will help them to become good citizens in their future walks of life.

We aim to ensure our pupils:

  • Are happy and safe within a rich learning environment
  • Succeed and achieve their full potentials academically, socially, physically and personally; have the skills, knowledge and understanding to take their place as mature adults in society.
  • Value education as a lifelong experience that will continue into the world of work and of leisure
  • Develop a sense of citizenship and responsibility to the community and to society as a whole


  • We believe that in partnership with God we shall lay a strong foundation that will enable our pupils to surmount the challenges of today’s world.
  • We believe that Parents and Teachers should be there to cheer every child to greatness.
  • We believe that every child can develop and achieve maximally if He believes that He Can!


Clairemont School Community is a Christian learning community passionate about providing an International Education, which inspires and encourages learning, collaboration and intercultural understanding. As a whole school community, we define Global Citizenship as:

  • Being mindful of and learning about our rapidly changing and interdependent world, and understanding our place in it.
  • Understanding and demonstrating values of compassion, respect and acceptance for all people and diverse cultures; embracing cultural differences and commonalities, and
  • Taking an active role in our community and collaborating with others to promote environmental sustainability and create lasting solutions for a more peaceful and fairer world.

At Clairemont School, global citizenship is not an additional subject; it is a framework for our learning and reaching beyond the school to our wider community to make a difference.  We have designed an enriched curriculum which provides a meaningful context for engaged learning in our school with components of global citizenship.


Components of Global Citizenship

Knowledge of the world and appreciating its complexity. The content of the evolving curriculum.


A level of empathy and diplomacy that creates a sense of belonging to a common humanity.


Taking social action.

Global Mindedness

Clairemont School Community is a melting pot of cultures which provides the nurturing environment for producing global citizens who are aware of pressing issues in our world and are equipped to develop lasting solutions to resolve them. To promote and develop global mindedness.

Social Polish & Ethical Values.

Through Social Polish & ethical values education, we engage our students in learning proper conduct and personal growth and about addressing critical issues such as climate change, hunger and illiteracy while contributing to the development of themselves and the local community.

Profile of a Clairemont Student at Graduation

Spiritual Leaders of the Christian faith who:
  • Willingly participate in faith development activities
  • Understand the principles of moral and social teachings
  • Act as Jesus did by showing compassion for the diversity of God’s people
Academically prepared learners who:
  • Meet the rigors of a competitive college
  • Exhibit a variety of skills such as: study skills, time management, organization, strong work ethics, active listening and independence.
  • Demonstrate growth and learning from joy of success and frustration of failure.
Involved in Service who:
  • Serve others in local, national and international communities.
  • Display an understanding of manners and courtesy.
  • Recognize an awareness of global issues through participating
  • in service learning projects/fundraisers
Naturally responsible students who:
  • Demonstrate a commitment to healthful choices
  • Exhibit self-awareness for physical improvement
  • Recognize the values of discipline ,perseverance, team work and courage by participating in sports and athletics events
Technologically prepared individual who:
  • Display an awareness of the ever- changing world
  • Use technology purposefully and proficiently
  • Apply inquire skills in order to analyze, synthesize and evaluate information.

Regular Clairemont School Events

  1. 1st term’s opening mass/ reflection
  2. Clairemont School Christmas Concert
  3. Clairemont termly Inter class competition
  4. Clairemont Annual Family Thanksgiving
  5. Teachers Day Celebration
  6. Book Fair
  7. Ethics and Social Polish Forum
  8. Christmas Retreat/ 1st term closing mass
  1. 2nd Term Opening Mass/ Reflection
  2. Valentine’s Day Celebration
  3. Clairemont School Annual Charity Visit
  4. Biennial Inter-House Sports Competition
  5. Culture Day
  6. Excursion
  7. Ash Wednesday
  8. 1st Holy Communion & Confirmation
  9. Easter Retreat and 2nd term Closing Mass
  1. Clairemont School Graduation/ Awards
  2. Clairemont School Annual Art/ photography Exhibition
  3. Career Day
  4. Independence Day Celebration
  5. Parents’ Night
  6. Clairemont Play Day
  7. Mentors forum
  8. Various events organized by the PTA
  9. 3rd Term Closing Mass/Reflection

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